Center for the Study of Violence (NEV-USP)

NEV-USP is one of the Research Support Centers (NAP) within the Provost's Office for Research-USP. Created in 1987, it develops scientific research, trains researchers, and seeks to intervene in the Brazilian public debate on issues pertaining to violence, democracy, and human rights. Nationally and internationally renowned, the Center has established partnerships with institutions such as the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the International Committee of the Red Cross, the UN, the European Union, the Ministries of Health and Justice, the Special Secretariat of Human Rights, and the São Paulo State Secretariat of Justice. The NEV-USP has turned its attention to the complex social and political relations that enable the endurance of violence and human rights violations in Brazil, even amidst the country’s democratic consolidation.
Currently, the NEV-USP is a Research, Innovation, and Dissemination Center (CEPID) of the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) with the research program "Building Democracy Daily: Human Rights, Violence and Institutional Trust" (since 2013). The program consists of a research agenda focused on the legitimacy of key institutions for democracy and how it is constructed within the citizens' everyday experiences with public services. In parallel to the research program, the CEPID envisages initiatives for the dissemination and transfer of knowledge, as well as educational activities and human resources training.