Undergraduate Course

Undergraduate Course in Social Sciences


Since 2006, some of the activities in the Licentiate in Social Sciences regarding the training of teachers in basic education for teaching subjects related to Sociology, Anthropology, and Political Science have taken place at the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Human Sciences. Even though the Faculty of Education of the University of São Paulo continues to be responsible for the majority of undergraduate activities (disciplines and internships), specifically three mandatory activities have been added to the curriculum for obtaining the diploma, which must be done within the course of Social Sciences:

1. 960 hours of didactic-pedagogical knowledge, foundations of education, and teaching methodology and practice, all of which distributed across six disciplines offered by the Faculty of Education (Introduction to Studies on Education; Psychology of Education; Teaching Methodology in Social Sciences I and II; Didactics, and Politics and Organization of Basic Education in Brazil); three disciplines offered by the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Humana Sciences (Sociology of Education; Supervised Internship for Social Sciences, and Brazilian Sign Language); and disciplines common to the Bachelor’s Course (Anthropology II, Anthropology IV, Sociology III, and Sociology IV);

2. 400 hours of internship, of which 300 hours are in disciplines offered by the Faculty of Education and 100 hours in the Laboratory for Teaching Sociology, as part of the activities of the discipline Supervised Internship for Social Sciences. The didactic contents produced in the discipline are available on the website USP Ensina Sociologia;

3. 200 hours of Theoretical-Practical Improvement Activities (ATPA).

Since 2017, the Licentiate Course has been offered automatically to students in the second semester of their year of entry in the Bachelor’s Course in Social Sciences. The student is not, however, required to attend the Licentiate, and may request withdrawal from this course.

The student may find further information about the prerequisites and the ideal semester for each discipline on the JupiterWeb online platform (for bureaucratic issues related to the USP undergraduate courses).