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Undergraduate Course in Social Sciences

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The USP undergraduate course in Social Sciences is structured around three major areas of knowledge: Sociology, Anthropology, and Political Science. Therefore, structurally speaking, it is an interdisciplinary course. With a single entrance exam for both the Bachelor’s and Licentiate degrees in Social Sciences, the course receives 210 students every year (100 in the afternoon period and 110 in the evening period).

The primary objective of the undergraduate course in Social Sciences is to enable students to acquire a body of knowledge that is specific to the Social Sciences (theories, concepts, analyses, and methods and techniques for empirical research) to be used and applied in many different contexts. In this regard, the bachelor’s course hopes to capacitate social scientists, that is, professionals in the public or private sectors engaged in teaching, research, consultancy, among others, and qualified to:

scientifically research the social foundations of present and past human relations;

► analyze, autonomously and without prejudice, the social reality in which such relationships exist;

muster the body of knowledge acquired throughout the course and the intellectual independence fostered therein in order to intervene in the social reality whenever such knowledge and independence become necessary.

The labor market segments privileged by a degree in Social Sciences from USP are:
academic research and teaching;
school teaching;
design of public policies;
consultancy in public and private bodies and companies, political parties, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
specialized journalism;
market research.

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences at USP are expected to establish and organize a reading and study routine, remain constantly alert and sensitive to social phenomena, and analyze social reality through a scientific lens, which is critical and reflective by definition.

In addition to the Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at USP, the student of Social Sciences may also obtain a Licentiate degree in Social Sciences.

The ideal conclusion period for a degree in Social Sciences (Bachelor’s, which may or not include the Licentiate) is eight (08) semesters. The maximum completion period is twelve (12) semesters.