International Conference for the Study of Chinese Immigration to Brazil

International Conference for Study of Chinese Immigration to Brazil: Local Contexts and Global Perspectives

22-23 August 2018, São Paulo, Brazil
Local: Auditórios do Prédio de Geografia e História – USP

Ever since Chinese immigration to Brazil began to emerge as a field of study in 1970, it has attracted the interest of Chinese, Brazilian, and American scholars from various disciplines, as well as students, journalists, diplomats, and independent writers. These scholars and authors have contributed to the field with books, research papers, reports, and memoirs. Most of these works, however were isolated efforts with few or no exchanges among those who dedicated themselves to the study of Chinese immigration to Brazil.
This first International Conference for the Study of Chinese Immigration to Brazil, to be held at the University of São Paulo on August 22-23, 2018 intends to promote and advance the study of Chinese immigration with global perspectives while aiming at constructing a platform to promote international exchanges in this promising interdisciplinary field of studies.

We welcome panel proposals and individual papers from scholars, journalists, undergraduate and graduate students, independent writers, etc. The conference language will be ENGLISH, but Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese language will also be accepted.Themes include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Chinese Migration in global perspectives.
2. Chinese Immigration to Brazil: history and beyond.
3. Diasporic Associations, Transnational Business Networks and Cultural Identity.
4. Chinese Language Teaching, Chinese media.
5. Local Integration, social mobility and political visibility.
6. Chinese immigration to Brazil and its impact on Local Economy and Culture.
7. Topics related to Chinese immigration in Latin America.


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